Bat Conservation Society of Calgary:

Helping to Educate Calgarians About Bats.

If you have an injured bat, or a bat you think may be in trouble, please contact Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society at:  403-239-2488.

Why should we care about bats?

Bats are amazingly efficient consumers of night-flying insects.  These flying mammals eat between 600 - 1000 of these insects per hour during late spring, summer, and early autumn.

Are bats scary?

Contrary to popular opinion, bats are actually very gentle animals who are more afraid of us than we are of them.  You might say that we're the "scary ones."  However, when bats are threatened, they may open their mouths wide, hiss, and will try to bite.  NEVER TOUCH WITH BARE HANDS, EVEN IF YOU ARE TRYING TO HELP THE BAT!  For information about what to do with bats who have accidentally got in your home, or are roosting where you don't want them, please go to: Alternatively, go to:, or

Bat Presentations

Please contact the following email address if you are a Teacher looking for a presentation about bats:

Bat Houses

If you are looking for bat house plans, there are a number of places to go including the Canadian Wildlife Federation (  Also, has plans and information as does

Alberta Bats

For more information about bats that live in Alberta, please go to:

Canadian Bats

More information about bats can be found at:;;;

Whitenose Syndrome

Please see for information about this heartbreaking and devastating disease.